B&D Transport Inc offers a wide variety of services, such as... 

48' Flatbeds
48' Step decks
53' Step decks
48' Double Drops (RGN)
53' Dry Vans

Equipment Detail:

Flatbed -
Used for a variety of items to be hauled all the way from lumber to farm machinery. A standard flatbed is 60" high off the ground and 102" wide.

Step deck -
There are a lot of uses for step decks especially when you need to move a item or items that are to high to load on a flatbed. We have two different heigth of step decks; the standard step deck top deck is 11' long and is 60" off the ground and the bottom deck is 40" off the ground and is 37' long on a 48' trailer and 42' bottom deck on a 53' trailer. The other step decks we have a 11' top deck and 42' bottom deck and is only 36" off the ground for the higher loads.

Double Dro
These can be used for variety of different things especially combines, four wheel drive tractors, or an thing else that needs a lower trailer for movement. Most common is 102" wide and a 10' front deck 29' 6" well and 8' 6" on the rear. 

Dry Vans - Used for dry freight.